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In faith and commitment to a mighty God, we reach out to everyone we meet daily, no one should be left out. We want to be a church where everyone feels at home, safe, loved and supported, living to the glory of God. Therefore, we organize all kinds of activities for people from both inside and outside the church with space for meeting and personal conversations. We want to help people to:
- follow Jesus' example.
- build together a community of Christians who make a difference
- reach out to society with the goodness and love of God.


We believe in one God who does not abandon the world. He came to us as a human being in the person of Jesus Christ and in doing so He gave a perfect example of love. His example we want to follow, it provides answers to life's questions. We do not want a superficial or blind faith, but a thoughtful faith based on the Bible, good arguments and experience. This helps to stand strong in life, make good choices and is a source of peace, strength and security.


We believe that Jesus is the only hope for the world, forgives and gives eternal life after death. In the midst of social problems and personal challenges, faith in Jesus offers hope, assurance and strength. It provides answers for everyday life. No matter what circumstances a person is in, the way to God is always open. We want to propagate this hope with words and actions.


God is love. As human beings, we often fall short in this. We find real listening, acceptance and making time for each other important. Both within church and society, we want to care. We want to grow in that love, with the necessary patience and respect for each other.

Every sunday, service at 10AM.

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