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Our services always starts with WORSHIPSONGS brought in a contemporary manner. At least once a month we try to provide the services with live music. The other services we use clips.

In addition, we want to be sincere and open with one another during our meetings as ONE GREAT FAMILY. We want to share joyfulness, respect each other, strengthen and help each other. Together, we want to study the message of the Bible in order to shape our faith.

 A separate program is provided for the CHILDREN each time. In a playful way they can experience the faith within their age group. We also try to provide an adapted program for the YOUNGSTERS. They discuss current topics, reflect on the Bible and have their own activities for recreation. In an open atmosphere, we want to discover and fulfill together with all age groups what it means to be a Christian.

We would like to invite you to attend our meetings without any obligation. This is possible every SUNDAY Mornings at 10 am in Sint-Pauluskerk.

We also strive to provide a weekly livestream of our services. These can be followed on the website.

Every sunday, service at 10AM.

Click here for our livestream

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